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-New stuff available, some minor updates for four of my sceneries listed under "last files". The updates adjust af2, some landclass and removes some trees to close to runway thresholds.These sceneries are all updated from v1.0 to 1.1.

-I am happy to announce the release of Navid's Sky 2017! Try it out in the Texture section!

-New releases: Moon and Sun 2017! The moon is adjusted to a more realistic size and increased saturation. I've also created a sun modification, check them out in the Texture section!

Latest files:

Updated sceneries
Dala-Järna ESKD, Sälen/Rörbäcksnäs, Orsa/Tallhed ESNR and Mora/siljan ESKM is now updated to version 1.1. Available in the Scenery section.

Texture packages for 2017
Updating textures for the sky, sun and moon. Available in the Texture section!

Coming up:


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