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Navid's Sky Set 2016 v3 (Update 2)

This sky set is created it to give the simulator a more natural sky with realistic colors. I've been inspired from real life photos, own experiance and programs with photoreal athmospheric rendering.

New in version 3: All textures are reworked from scatch, the shadows are color corrected as i found them to dark and blue-ish in the previous version. The haze color is changed from gray to a slightly more blue-ish color.

This package includes a optional sun glow effect that replaces the FSX lens flare. Also take a look at my Moon Fix v1.

Updates included:
-Predawn and postsunset colors adjusted.
-Dawn/sunset lightning and shadows.
-Slightly darker sky at high altitudes.
-Noon less green-ish horizon

[Download v3_u2]

Older versions:
Navid's Sky Set Version 2
Navid's Sky Set Version 1

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