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Skinnlanda airport is located on the west side of the river "Västerdalälven" a couple of kilometers south of downtown Malung. The field is mostly used by the flying club and Ultra light flying club.

This airport is my home town airport and this scenery is the most detailed one in my collection. It contains all airport buildings, custom surfaces and markings, 3d runway lightning, custom obstacle lightning and also transmitters and wind turbines.

Both hangars is available for parking. Unfortunately, the hangar doors are not possible to be opened.

Only fly left pattern runway 34 and right pattern runway 16 due to terrain and to not disturb. In other words, fly the pattern west of the field at minumum 1800 ft. Also check for obstacles located at about the same altitude, study the airport information sheets that is included.

Note: This is version 1.42 (Released January 2018).

To be used with FSX SP2.

RWY: 16/34 800m Asphalt
COM: Malung Radio: 123,325 MHz
LIGHTS: Yes (Nav1 108,000)


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