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Navid's Moon 2017

This is remake of the default FSX and P3D moon as it is way to big and unsaturated. I've adjusted the size to a smaller one, it is supposed to be roughly the same size as the sun.
The sun is not only just fourhoundred times bigger than our moon, it is also fourhoundred times farther away. Because of that, the sun and the moon appears to be the same size, seen from Earth.

In FSX, with Navid's Sun 2017 installed, the moon is about 40% bigger than the sun. In this mod i've scaled down the moon in the texture bmp's to about the same size and adjusted the color to slightly more yellow. In order to not get "jagged" edges on the moon i've scaled down the texture size to 256x256 pixels.

Note that this is not a HD package that will give you nice closeups screenshots, this modification is created to make the moon more natural and look good at a wide view aspect.

Exept the first one, all screenshots below are unedited, cropped images, displaying the moon at 1.0 zoom.


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