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SE-EOT "Malungs Flygklubb" V1.5 (Reduced Texture Size)

To be used with the A2A simulations Piper PA28-180 Cherokee. SE-EOT is a 1965 180C owned by the local flying club in Malung (Malungs Flygklubb), Sweden. It was built in 1965 and was first used on floats.
It was bought by the flying club in Malung in 1973 and they replaced the floats with fixed gear. Today, over 50 years later, it is still in very good shape.

New on this version (1.5) is added fuselage reflections, adjusted stripes on fuselage, nose and on the wheel pants. I've also added stickers on the fuselage as well.

Note that all textures, both fuselage and interior, are strongly reduced to a lot smaller size to improve performance. The textures size is reduced from 53 MB to 14 MB.


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