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-New releases: Moon and Sun 2017! The moon is adjusted to a more realistic size and increased saturation. I've also created a sun modification, check them out in the Texture section!

-Released an updated version of the Echo Oscar Tango for A2A Sim's Cherokee, I've done some minor adjustments to the paintjob and added more reflections, now it looks like a new machine!

-I've previously released some sky sets for FSX and P3D, and now i'm working on the last one! The V3 is good, but i like the colors of the V1, so i've kind of mixed them up a little bit. I'm planning a release of Navid's Sky 2017 by the end of this year.
As always, but more improved than before, this upcoming set will give a natural sky with smooth color transitions and beautiful colors.
At the moment i'm testing the sky set to get a feel for it, so take a look at some in-sim preview pictures that i've taken so far: [Navid's Sky 2017]

Latest files:

Navid's Sun 2017
Available in the Texture section!

Navid's Moon 2017
Available in the Texture section!

A2A Cherokee SE-EOT v1.5
Updated version of SE-EOT with reduced texture size. Adjusted stickers, fuselage stripes and increased reflections. Check it out in the Texture section!

Coming up:

Navid's Sky 2017
Version 4, or as i will call it Navid's Sky 2017, will be released at the end of this year. This set is under development at the moment.

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