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-New release on the Sky Set V3 with Update 2. I've adjusted some sky colors and lightning. Available in the repaint section!

-The moon does for sure look nice in FSX, though it's to big to be realistic! Have a look in the repaint section for my small fix!

Latest files:

Navid's Sky Set 2016 Version 3 (Update 2)
Available under Repaint.

Moon Fix V1.0
Available under Repaint.

Coming up:

Scenery FSX->P3D conversion
I've had some requests and will make an effort to convert all my sceneries to work with P3D. Planned start autumn 2016.

A2A Cherokee SE-EOT v1.5
Updated version of SE-EOT with reduced texture size. Adjusted stickers, fuselage stripes and reflections.

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