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Updated airport/ "light" scenery for Idre (ESUE) is now available in the scenery section.

Navid's Sky 2017 is now also available for FS2004 users.

Started to work on my upcoming project of airports upgrades, or as i call it; "light" scenery. This will update the default airports with new af2 and surroundings. Also check out the new scenery map in the Scenery section!

Malung ESVM is updated from v1.41 to v1.42. I've done some texture adjustments and added some details. The club house and hangar textures are now in higher resolution. A couple of aircraft is parked in the hangars and i've adjusted the obstacle lightning for better visibility at distance. The new "Malung"-sign on the club house is now added. New pics in the scenery section.

Latest files:

Idre (ESUE)
Light scenery for Idre is now available.

Updated Malung-Skinnlanda ESVM
Updated to version 1.42, available in the scenery section.

Updated sceneries
Dala-Järna ESKD, Sälen/Rörbäcksnäs, Orsa/Tallhed ESNR and Mora/siljan ESKM is now updated to version 1.1. Available in the Scenery section.

Coming up:

Sceneries "light"
Started working on airport upgrades, new af2, landclass and default buildings (I call it "light" scenery). Planned airports are Idre ESUE, Torsby ESST, Hagfors ESOH, Fredriksberg, Sunne ESKU, Munkfors ESKO, Arvika ESKV and Brattforsheden ESSM. The sceneries will be available for download as they are done one by one.
When all airports are done i will create a downloadable package containing all airports, this will be an alternative way to download all sceneries at once.

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